Hi, welcome to my Mutant Future campaign. This campaign is hopefully not going to be too serious, and is more about having fun than anything else. The world is fairly opena and I am going to be using some custom rules so hopefully it should move at a fairly steady pace.

Here’s a discription of the area the campaign will take place in.

Delta City, named for the massive delta created by the lumbering Ordano River river meeting the Gulf of Shadows, a hub of activity for the Southern lands. Over ten thousand souls call this place home, a medaly of mutants and pure humans living together in a strained peace. The mutants living in the outlying burrows while the pure bred humans call the gated community of Heart in the city centre home. The Council of Seven and the The Red Gaurd have made the city the calm eye of the storm that is the southern lands. The The Red Gaurd have even made the surronding area somewhat safe, with watchtowers and lookouts speckling the land for miles around the city.

Good luck :P

Storm of the Southern Lands

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