Storm of the Southern Lands

A Conversation with Noggin

With a decision made your motley group of adventures sets out to find the man named Noggin. Several passerby’s give you instructions on how to get to the inn, it seems to have a reputation as a place of ill refute. As you press through the crowds you become aware that they seem to be made up of mutants and androids, almost no pure bloods at all. Each street you cross you notice that there are two Red Gaurd posted on every corner, the crowds flow around them but never close enough to touch or be touched by the gaurds.

As the Oft Knotched Bedpost comes into view you can understand why it would have a seedy reputation, the windows that aren’t boarded up will soon be due to broken panes of glass. A throng of “ladies” orbit the doorway looking for suiters, they split apart when the party gets closer, sensing only trouble would come from impeeding you group’s movement. Some of the ladies make cat call’s but none overtly make an offer to accompany the party inside.

A thick haze of stale beer and tobbaco smoke hangs in the air, only a few patrons look up from their drinks to steal a glance of the new comers, and just as quickly as they look they return their gaze to the bottom of their mugs. The bartender beckons you over to the bar, “what can I do for you, er, folks?”. Non chalantly he picks up a mug, “I bet you, er, ah, guys is here to see old Noggin, don’t look like the type to be into the ladies outside,”. He makes a deep throatly noise and spits into the mug, and begins to wipe it down, “Hey Noggin, these here, er, people is looking for you,”.

A large and wrinkled head lifts itself off the bar and looks over at the party, the body belonging to the head is no bigger than a child’s. Picking off a copper coin stuck to his cheek Noggin examins the group, “you here about the job?”. ” Pays 70 gold a head, well not him,” pointing at Roth, “he only gets one share,”. ” The deal is we’re heading to Millsburg it’ll take ‘bout a week, other than that no questions asked, and none will be answered anyway,”. Putting his giant head back on the bar he explains,” If you want to come be here at sunrise, Polk here can set you up with rooms if you want a cheap place to bed down,”.



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