Storm of the Southern Lands

Intro to SotSL


Delta City, named for the massive delta created by the lumbering Ordano river meeting the Gulf of Shadows, a hub of activity for the Southern lands. Over ten thousand souls call this place home, a medaly of mutants and pure humans living together in a strained peace. The mutants living in the outlying burrows while the pure bred humans call the gated community of Sanctity in the city centre home. The Council of Seven and the Red Gaurd have made the city the eye of the storm that is the southern lands. The Red Gaurd have even made the surronding area somewhat safe, with watchtowers and lookouts speckling the land for miles around the city.

Your party and you step onto solid ground for the first time in what seems to be an age. The trip from the North was dangerous and long, the Great Ordano may be emmense but you’re sure you could have walked faster. The small ship’s captain appears at the railing, tossing several kits over the side onto the jetty, “there’s your shit, hope you ain’t missing nuthin’,”. He point’s over to a annoucment board, “If you need work, that’s where you’ll find it,”. Before any of you can say anything he dissappears back into the hold of the ship yelling orders to his crew.



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