Council of Seven

The Council of Seven are the governing body that run Delta City. They consist of four pure humans, one mutant human, one mutant plant and an android. The Pure Humans control the coucil due to their majority. The human seats are passed on through families while the other three seats are elected by the outer burrows.

Names of the Coucil;

* Eric von Hines – Pure Blood Human

* Adam Hewer – Pure Blood Human

* Everly Hauptamon – Pure Blood Human

* Hendrod Moufter – Pure Blood Human

* Argust the High – Mutant Human

* Joshua – Tree Mutant

* Arc FA29 – Research Android

Each member of the council acts as judge and mediator for their respective burrows for minor disputes, for major crimes and disputes the entire council holds court and the verdict is voted on.

Council of Seven

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