Delta City

Delta City; pop. 10 000+

Governed by Council of Seven

Police force: The Red Gaurd

Ethnic Diversity: Pure-humans 15% mutants 80% Androids 5%

Danger level: low

Tech Level: Medieval, very little advanced tech

Ammenities: Countless taverns, many general merchants, the odd junk merchant.

Official Language: Comman

A sprawling city surrounded by farmland for roughly ten miles on three sides while the Ordano River and Gulf of Shadows edge it’s South Eastern side. While the city itself if located on hills, the surrounding farmland is situated on flood plains that flood every spring creating a fertile bed for crops.

Two ancient roads leave the city, one to the North and the othe heading West. The North road runs along the Ordano river to the small town of Grahamston. The West road travels across the grasslands to the town of Millsburg.

Delta City

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