Millsburg: pop. 527

Governed by: Mayor

Police Force: Civil Militia, Platoon of Red Gaurd

Ethnic Diversity: Pure Human 8%, Mutant 75%, Android 17%

Danger level: Medium

Tech level: Medieval, minor advanced tech (mining equipment)

Amenities: Tavern/Inn, Stable, Merchant, Junk Trader, Blacksmith, Tanner

Lang: Comman, Binary

Millsburg is a small community situated eighty miles West of Delta City. On the edge of the Mere Forest the small commmunity sits upon a rich deposit of multiple types of ore. The mine however is too dangerous for flesh and blood beings so it is operated by androids who the deadly gasses have no effect. The ore removed from the mine is seperated and all the red durluminum is held for Delta City which in turn stations a platoon in the town. While the Red Gaurd has a presence in town their concern is the ore and thus do not patrol the surrounding areas. Once a month the platoon is relieved and the departing platoon escorts a caravan of ore back to Delta City.


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