The Red Gaurd

The Red Gaurd are the military and police force of Delta City. They get their name from the blood red armour they adorne, the leather armour is dyed while the officers chain, and plate armour is made from red durluminum.

While lower ranks are made up of all races, the command structure is almost all pure blooded humans. The Red Gaurd maintain a number of outposts surrounding Delta City but beyond those outposts they charge for their presence, meaning most of the outlying communities need their own militia.

Even though they number a thousand strong the Red Gaurd only employ five investigators whose identities are a gaurded secret due to numerous retaliation attempts.

The Red Gaurd also encompass a division of civil engineers which use prisoners to complete public work projects.

Ranking Officers (known) Major Evander Hauptamon 1st Lieutenant Arnnot Webb 2nd Lieutenant Nancy Clotter

The Red Gaurd

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